About me

Why Yao?
Yao translated from Chinese means: medicine, remedy, healing
My clinic is a space where mind and body find a cure.
Welcome to my website.
My name is Hillit Marom – Nachumi , born in ’78, married to Yaniv and the mother of two amazing boys.
I graduated after four years of studying Chinese Medicine and Herbal Remedies on Broshim Campus (which is affiliated with Tel Aviv University) in Tel Aviv.
Upon completing my studies, I specialized for another year at Broshim, in Gynecology and Women’s Health.
I am certified by the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Israel.
I have just finished another course of studying In Vitro Fertilization from the Chinese perspective as integrated with Western medicine (Facilitated by the Keren Zelicha Foundation).
This year I have on my agenda:

  • An international convention for Chinese Medicine – three days of studies and information.
  • A trip to China planned for November 2014 – further studies in the Gynecological department of a Chinese hospital.

Why do I strongly recommend you choose my clinic?

  • Because I offer solutions for feminine and gynecological problems where Western medicine just doesn’t have good enough answers!
  • Because I am highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of gynecology and fertility.
  • Because you will get support through the entire fertility procedure

In other words – because I give you results!
Why Chinese Medicine?

  •  Because natural remedies have proven to be the most successful ones to date!
  •  It is a holistic precise approach to treatment that returns your equilibrium.
  •  Where necessary, it is The ideal to integrate western medicine with Chinese medicine.

I have two clinics – one in the charming Moshav Beit Yitzchak near Netanya, and the other in North Tel Aviv (near the Schuster Center).
I love my work, I love my patients and each treatment is as exciting as the very first one, I feel blessed and happy.
If you are looking for first-rate treatment,
with excellent prospects for recovery and improving your quality of life,
a unique atmosphere and all the attention you deserve –
you are most welcome to contact me and arrange an appointment.